One-room Nova Scotia schoolhouse gets top grades

What makes a GREAT a school? I don’t know how you feel but this is my definition of the PERFECT SCHOOL. This is the perfect example of “it takes a village to raise a child”. Schools can help fill the void and problems for students left by the high divorce rate of families. Click here to learn more or read an excerpt below.
“It’s a huge part of our community,” she told the Star this week. “If we lost the school, that potentially would stop the growth of the island, because no young families would consider moving here without a school.”
When Hillary was at the school, it had 29 students. No one falls between the cracks because the teacher knows all the families, she said. The whole island is the classroom. And because everyone knows everyone, the kids help one another with everything from tying laces to arithmetic, irrespective of grade.
“It’s a prime example of a village raising a child,” Dionne told the Star as she baby-sat 4-year-old Carson McLean, who will be one of the two students at Big Tancook in September, and his little brother Connor.
“It’s just a laid-back, very wholesome life here.”
Elizabeth Sutherland, principal and lone teacher, has been at Big Tancook for 32 years. The biggest class she’s had is 16 students. Then again, she’s responsible for the curriculum of all grades, along with administration.
“Oh, my God, I can’t say enough about my job, I love my job,” she told the Star. “You get to know the kids really well, because I have them for six years. You get to know the way they learn and you get really close to them.”
“It’s more like a family unit than a big school,” she said.
At first blush, it might seem absurd to keep a school open for two students. But Dionne said the school building is in good repair and costs only $15,000 to operate. It would cost more to chaperone the travel of children back and forth on the 50-minute ferry to the mainland for classes.
“I feel so blessed to have a simple life here in a community where everyone knows everyone. It’s very close, and your kids are safe. Money can’t buy that, that’s for sure.”

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