Chile salmonid supply will remain tight on back of algal bloom, new regulation

As climate change increases, we will feel its impact more and more and I predict this is just the start of things to come. Click here to read the full story or an excerpt below.


BERGEN, NORWAY — The ongoing algal bloom will hit Chilean salmonid production through 2017 and, from then onwards, supply will be tight on the back of the new regulation.

As mortalities linked to red tide have already hit some 18,000 metric tons of Atlantic salmon biomass, salmonid production is projected to reach between 740,000t to 760,000t in 2016, which represents a decrease of about 13% year-on-year, said Multiexport Foods’ chairman, Jose Ramon Gutierrez.

The algal bloom will also impact salmonid output for 2017, expected to range between 730,000t to 760,000t, which is a decrease of 1% from the previous year, Gutierrez told the audience at the North Atlantic Seafood Forum, held in Bergen, Norway.

Although estimations are based on the latest figures of fish mortalities, constant updates mean the final picture is still difficult to predict, he said.

Red tide’s effect on Chile’s salmon production will be seen through 2017, and, from the following year, output will remain tight, but this time on the back of the new salmon regulation.


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