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This is a great resource from BC with LOTS of material. Click here to reach their Home Page or on these links for All Resources16 outside Resources or Support Your Teen’s “Spark”. Be sure to click on the links provided within the articles to learn more. You will never be at a loss for ideas.


Heart-Mind Online is for all those who are searching for evidenced-informed resources that educate the hearts of children. The collection of resources builds capacity in individuals and communities to support the Heart-Mind well-being of children, and promotes their positive social and emotional development. This website was developed by the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education.

By sharing current research, scientific knowledge and best practices related to social and emotional development, the Dalai Lama Center supports the adults who can help children feel secure and calm, approach situations with curiosity and confidence, solve problems peacefully, and get along with others.

Heart-Mind Online provides resources for families, educators and all others who care for and about children. You can search for the latest research, activities, interviews and more. You can search by theme (anxiety, empathy, friendship, etc) or you can browse all resources. You can also filter resources specifically for families or resources for educators or by development age – Early Years, Middle Years, and Adolescent.

Play Outside states there are 5 Benefits of Outdoor Play:

1. Outdoor Play Provides Challenge

Outdoor play gives children the chance to experience new challenges and risks. By experiencing challenges, a child builds confidence as they learn how to overcome these challenges. Experiencing risk, by trying new things and overcoming fears, helps children learn to spot risks and make decisions about risky situations. Challenging outdoor play helps children feel secure in their abilities, which reduces their feelings of fear and anxiety.

2. Time in Nature is Calming

Playing outside in a natural setting, like a park or a forest, can be a calming experience for your child. Contact with nature has been shown to reduce children’s feelings of stress. Time spent playing in nature can help your child to feel less anxious and more secure and calm.

3. Outdoor Play is Creative

Outdoor play gives children the opportunity to be creative. Outdoor materials like sand and dirt can be moved and changed by children to build their own creations. This allows children to see how their actions create change. While playing outdoors, children often participate in dramatic play by pretending to be different people and acting out different events. This allows children to try out social situations.

4. Outdoor Play is Social

Outdoor play areas are children’s spaces to play with each other. Children are able to play with other children with less control from adults. This creates opportunities for children to practice getting along with others.

5. Outdoor Play Increases Attention

After playing outdoors in nature, children may be able to focus better and pay more attention to tasks. Spending time in nature has been linked to increased attention. Taking a break to play outdoors can help children to be more alert and engaged.

See more at: Heart-Mind online Play Outside






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