City of Courtenay’s OCP Plans & the SD71 Comox Valley School District

Click on the links to learn more. Yesterday I had to get from Wachiay Friendship Centre to Lake Trail Middle School for an 11am appointment and I had to walk because there was no public transportation available. Wachiay Friendship Centre is across the street from Courtenay Elementary School and within 9 blocks of Driftwood Mall. Felt like I was in the middle of nowhere instead of within the City of Courtenay.

8. Explore the opportunities to use municipal, provincial and School District properties for affordable housing projects.
– 3. Concentrate higher density housing along Arden Road, near the intersection of Arden and Cumberland and near the Arden Elementary school. Aim for 10 units/acre as desired density in these locations to support transit services
– Commercial, industrial and institutional land uses Commercial, industrial and institutional land use objectives: • Limit new commercial/heavy industrial development. • Allow for some small scale home based businesses. • Maintain local institutional uses as community assets to be retained (e.g. Arden Elementary School). • Restrict new institutional uses that are not consistent with the rural character
– Commercial, industrial and institutional land use policies: 1. Work with SD71 to promote Lake Trail community school as a centre for community interaction, recreation and learning. 2. The City will support the development of a community school at Arden Elementary should the SD71 choose to pursue this option. 3. Other private schools are permissible within the Arden Corridor, subject to community consultation and other site design and servicing considerations. 4. Support the establishment of home-based businesses in existing residential areas including light industry provided it conforms to neighbourhood character and good neighbour considerations (noise, odor, etc.), and all necessary zoning regulations. 5. Re-visit the need and appropriateness of commercial uses in keeping with the neighbourhood character, as the area develops, and further boundary extension is considered, in consultation with the community.
– Mobility Actions: 1. Amend Subdivision Bylaw to include engineering specifications for rural collectors and rural residential roads that are in keeping with the character and use of these roads. 2. Review emergency routing, cycling and trucking routes upon review of the road network re-classification to follow adoption of the Transportation Master Plan. 3. Work with School District 71, the school principal and Parent Advisory Committees to designate safe walking/cycling routes to school plans to Arden Elementary and to address issues related to student drop-off/pick-up.

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