A rescued dog so traumatized it can only stare at wall makes comeback

Why is there such a stigma regarding mental health. My gosh, people should definitely learn more. In fact, everyone has probably suffered, without knowing it, at one time or another. In fact, anyone that has had their heart seriously broken by their one, true love or a dearly beloved relative suddenly passes away you have probably felt some level of depression or trauma. It just becomes a problem when you can’t get over the depression or trauma on your own. In the old days, war veterans would be diagnosed with shell shock, from trauma. Even pets have mental health problems. Click here to learn more.


WATCH: A dog who was too nervous to even look at humans has now made a comeback.

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A rescued dog that was once so traumatized that she could only sit in the corner and stare at a wall has now made a comeback. A new video posted this week shows her happily howling with another hound.

The new video is an update to a video posted by PAWS Animal Rescue in Ireland last July showing Cara sadly sitting in her kennel refusing to look at caring workers, despite several attempts to comfort her.

A vet confirmed that the sighthound was incredibly nervous, rather than suffering from any medical condition. Rescuers feared that Cara suffered years of abuse.




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