When Your Friend Is On the Stand at the Ghomeshi Trial

Wow, it sounds like the process of testifying is equally as traumatizing as the incident is. I don’t envy witnesses coming forward to testify as it changes, and connects your life forever to the individual they are testifying against. What do they have to gain by stepping forward? This court case is about consent. Its hard to know what one would do unless your walking in the shoes of the person testifying. Nor does it give us the right to judge their actions as we don’t have the same experience as them. Click here to read the full article and definitely the video at the bottom or read an excerpt below.


When Lucy comes down from her room, we talk about how she will manage social media now that she is allowed to access it again. She’s already on the receiving end of online harassment, with people creating Twitter accounts specifically to hurl abuse at her. Though I offer to deal with it on her behalf, she declines, saying it’ll be okay. It doesn’t take long for a couple of men at the bar recognize her face from the news playing on a loop in front of them, and they lean over to get her attention. The moment of recognition makes me uncomfortable, but she is, as always, good-natured and kind. This is her life now. This narrative, this connection to Ghomeshi—only a small part of who she is as a human being—will inevitably follow her everywhere she goes from now on. Her only motivation, she has now told me, was to relay the truth.

But in this moment, sitting at this hotel bar, it feels like she’s sacrificed herself to a system that could easily fail her, and in some ways it already has. Even with this reality, Lucy has no regrets that she decided to go through the process, always believing in the importance of speaking out, of having these vital conversations, and of talking about what it really means to seek justice, in order to enact real change.

Later, as I hug her goodbye for the night, I realize that she is likely the bravest person I have ever known.



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