Before, During, and After and Emergency – Are you prepared?

Why is it that some communities like Nanaimo have designated Reception Centres which are set up after a catastrophic event and others do not? Where would you go if you could not stay in your home because it was not safe?

Does your family have plans for all the hazards that happen in British Columbia (BC)? Hazards such as:

Did you know that Disaster Routes in the Capital Region and Vancouver are strictly for the use of emergency vehicles only during a disaster? Do you know which route you would take to reunite with your child(ren) if they were at school?

Will your school send your children home or will they have to remain at school? Can you just go to your child’s school to pick them up? Will you require identification? Can someone else pick them up?

Does every member of your family have a Grab and Go Kit at home, work, school? What about the family pet or in your car?

Comox Valley has launched the first community-based disaster medical care response plan in the province. Who will you rely on if members of your family need medical assistance?

Click on the links to learn more or go to the Government of Canada’s Get Prepared website.


Nanaimo has set up 4 different reception centres where residents can go if they can no longer stay in their homes. They advise residents to stay in their homes as they may not know what they will encounter if they venture out. If their homes are not habitable, the centres are designed to provide basic necessities: food, water and shelter when large scale evacuation of residents occur due to emergency situations such as fire, earthquakes and hazardous material spills. Volunteers will set up and manage these centres, which may not open right away and may take time to set up and for resources to arrive depending on the type of disaster. The city will confirm which centres will be opening through various means. If communication infrastructure is still available information will be disseminated over local media. If communication is not in place, other methods will be used to communicate with residents.




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