How can I find out who owns apartment buildings in BC?

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If you need to find out who owns a building in BC the following guide can help:

In British Columbia, it isn’t always obvious who the owner of an apartment building actually is.  Each building in BC is classified by a PID.  The PID is a unique 9-digit number used to identify parcels of land within BC. (  Discovering who owns an apartment building is a two-step process, though step 1 can be skipped if the building’s Parcel Identification Number (PID) is known already.

Step 1:

Take the building’s civic (street) address to the BC Assessment Authority’s nearest office.  Their self-serve service can conduct a search the BC Assessment database using the civic address to recover the property’s PID.  The employees there can also recover the information for a fee.


A building’s PID can be recovered by using BC Online’s web service to search the BC Assessment database.  Using this service costs a fee.

Step 2:

Take the PID to the BC Land Title Office in New Westminster, Kamloops or Victoria or contact them by mail and have them conduct a title search on the property.  The title search will give you the name registered as the property’s owner.  This service costs a fee.


Land Title Office Locations and Addresses –

BC Assessment Office Directory –

Conducting a Title Search –

BCOnline –



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