Father And Son Take The Same Photo Every Year For 30 Years

Some traditions are so simple and can be so memorable. Click here to see the pictures.




Tian Jun, a father residing in Guizhou Province, China hugely values memories. He is a proud father to Tian Li, who was born in 1986.

To celebrate Li’s first birthday in 1987, the father and son took a photo together on a spot outside their home. Jun initially thought that taking a photo with his son on the same location every year would be an interesting project. Hence, for 30 long years, they snapped a photo together.

Only in 2014 when they missed the yearly photo shoot as Li was in the United States welcoming the birth of his son, Timothy.

After Timothy’s birth, the photo they took back in the same location at their home in Guizhou Province was truly heart wrenching. Indeed, pictures paint a thousand words and memories are timeless treasures of the heart.

Baby3_CropSee the slideshow and realize for yourself how captured moments transforms through the years.

For Li, who is now a Chinese Film Director believes that his father’s simple idea is an enormous artistic form of expression.

“Time itself is a form of art. This is the power of time.”


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