IStand Parent Network

I’m thankful it has started. Click on the links below to learn more.

iStand Parent Network

ORGANZING MEETING & EMBASSY WALK June 11 -13, 2014 Washington DC


We are the parents and supporters of abducted children.  Some of us have successfully recovered our kids and brought them home.  Most of us remain in an unrelenting battle at home and abroad to enforce our fundamental right to parent and to provide our children regular and consistent access to our loving and nurturing presence.  

 This is not a contest of wills. Parental abduction, wrongful removal, and wrongful retention is child abuse and it must cease.

​We’ve finally had enough, and  iStand Parent Network is the relection of that resolve

Our connections are growing and deepening.  We’re finding each other online, by word of mouth, via social media and through referrals from partner organizations.  We’re sharing our pain, our hopes and our unflagging commitment to bring our children home.

We use emergent technologies, weekly conference calls and gatherings to learn from each other and to create international awareness of the prevalence and reality of this growing pandemic.  Importantly, we require governments and individuals to do justly concerning our children.

Our mission is broad, as a coalition should be, to account for significant variations in our cases and situations.  International parental kidnappings and custodial conflicts vary by degrees, severity, legalities and intricacies.  However, our goal is singular.  iSTAND Parent Network is resolved to escalate our voice and action until every abducted, wrongfully removed, or wrongfully retained child comes home.  Alone, a parent is but one voice crying in global wilderness.  Together, WE STAND as a clarion, calling all children home.


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