Click here to learn how destructive latex is to our environment. Be sure to scroll down to read the article or read an excerpt below. Lots of good suggestions for alternatives.

Danger to the Environment

“For years, biologists have documented the negative impacts of latex balloons on marine wildlife. More recently, researchers have seen devastating evidence of what they can do to terrestrial wildlife as well.”  Outdoor California, Rebecca Barboza 2010  (Floating Menace)

“Natural latex is biodegradable and environmentally safe, but, according to Rubber Technology, it is treated with ammonia and with tetramethyl thiuram disulfide plus zinc oxide as a preservative against bacterial decomposition. Balloons are usually made with a small amount of plasticizer added. They hardly classify as natural after all that. In fact, sewage treatment plant operators report that latex is one of several problem materials that are not affected by the biological treatment system.”  Peter C. Hibbard, New York Times 1990 (Balloons’ Effect On the Environment)


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