Coaches of Canada: Coaching Code of Ethics – Principles and Ethical Standards

Very interesting document that has some really good points on ethics. I strongly recommend reading the whole article. Click here to read the full report. I was interested in the point referenced below because I’m not sure who is the appropriate regulatory committee that would deal with unethical behaviour. I might have missed it in the report. If anyone knows, please make a comment below. Perhaps it is the NCCP organization who put on all the courses for BC soccer coaches.

Conflict of

3.9 Do not exploit any relationship established as a coach to
interest further personal, political or business interests at the expense of the best interests of their athletes or other participants.

3.10 Be clear about and avoid abusing relationships (e.g., with athletes,
assistants, officials, administrators, board members) and avoid
other situations that might present a conflict of interest or reduce
the ability to be objective and unbiased in the determination of
what might be in the best interests of athletes.

3.11 Declare conflicts of interest when they arise and seek to manage
them in a manner that respects the best interests of all those

4.16 Uphold the responsibility to coaching by bringing incompetent or
unethical behaviour to the attention of appropriate regulatory
committees in a manner consistent with the ethical principles of
this code, if informal resolution or correction of the situation is not
appropriate or possible


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