Statement regarding Upper Island Riptide Sponsorship

So if the company doesn`t restrict a recipient`s right to voice their opinions or their ability to speak freely. then why is a young lady and her team not playing soccer? Click here to read the statement below from Marine Harvest and the potential conflict of interest by Stephen Hall and the overreaction by the soccer club’s steering committee. Here is the information about ethics from Canada Soccer, BC Soccer, and the Coaches of Canada.

October 29, 2015 – Campbell River

Marine Harvest’s donations to community groups have not, and will not, and will never, restrict a recipient’s right to voice their opinions or their ability to speak freely.

Our goal in providing support to groups like the Upper Island Riptide has always been for the children in our community to have a positive environment to play and learn.

The 500 employees at Marine Harvest Canada, the vast majority of whom live, work, and play in communities on Vancouver Island, have encouraged company support for local charities, art societies, and sport clubs for over 20 years.

Recently, Marine Harvest Canada’s (MHC) motivation for providing community support has been questioned by the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC). CBC’s reporting has focused on a mother of a young soccer player who opposes Marine Harvest’s sponsorship of her daughter’s youth soccer club, the Upper Island Riptide.

As Marine Harvest had previously stated, the company provides support to local community groups unconditionally, and does not influence or provide any direction whatsoever to sponsorship recipients. The company does not seek out sponsorship opportunities, but does receive and consider hundreds of requests for financial assistance annually.


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