International Social Service Canada and International Abduction

I contacted ISS-SSI Canada in 2011 to ask if they had any suggestions that would help me protect my children from international abduction by their father and this is what they said to me. I found them listed on a Canadian government website and felt they might be able to provide me with some practical advice and suggestions. My children were 8 and 14 years old at the time. Click here to contact International Social Service Canada directly.

  • Hi, I need some help for my Canadian children who are related to their Canadian father who has dual citizenship with Iran. I am in the process of separating from my husband and I have concerns regarding the safety of my children and keeping them in Canada. I contacted the Canadian Passport offices and have added them to the Passport Security List. Foreign Affairs also told me that I need to have my lawyer do: “An Emergency Motion stating that no kind of replacement documents should be issued from the Iranian Government and my lawyer should send it to the Iranian Embassy.”I spoke with two different Foreign Affairs individuals.My lawyer has suggested that I write this letter and put it on their letterhead but I’m not sure if the above line is enough for the letter.

    Do you have an example of a letter that I could use?

    I would appreciate any assistance that you could provide as I do not know where my husband is. He could be in Iran or Canada right now and has returned from previous trips to Iran unannounced.

    I have also called Foreign Affairs to ask for their assistance in this matter.

    I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

  • No I do not have a letter to share with you. But if your husband has dual citizenship, you need to also tell the Canadian Gouv. to not make out new passports. It would be easy for him to apply saying the PPT have been lost.Make sure you get a court document to both the Embassy (Iran) and the PPT bureau stating who has the primary care.Make sure that in your seperation/divorce agreement that you clearly mention the visits (if he is to have them) overseas or in Canada that you both agree where the children’s home will be.

    Honestly, there is no guarantee or ”perfect way” of keeping your children here.

    I do not want to be negative, but my advise to you would be to stay friendly with your spouse and to possibly access mediation services to discuss how it is important you (and it is the law) for both parents to have access to the children and discuss where you both think they should be raised etc.

    Mediation is very useful to work out a seperation agreement and when both parties agree (in the children’s best interest) on where they should live and who should have their care (and why) then the process for every one is better and there is less possibility of him taking the children without your consent.

    Children need both parents, and parents need to figure out how to best do that.

    Getting everything in writing and with all parties agreeing is the best option.

    Good luck,

  • This is not an easy situation. But I would advise you to talk to lawyers, to women’s groups, to women who have lived through this before. You are not alone. Do your best to protect yourself and your children. How old are the children?
  • You must talk to your children (without scaring them or saying negatives things about their father) that if he leaves with them, you have to be in consent. They have to hear the ”pass word” from you.They can talk to Airport security etc. Simply mention: This is our father but can we talk to our mom before we leave. etc.Their age will help you. It does not have to be a scene or anything at the airport.

    Just think of the best way of informing them.

  • The children should tell someone at the airport, my mother does not want us to go… Airport security will be all over that! Children taken by a parent happens everyday! They know the drill.

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