Riptide committee decisions questionable, Updated 8 Nov 2015

Oh yess the actions of Upper Island are definitely questionable and Stephen Hall could possibly be in a conflict of interest depending on whether he recused himself from participating in the Upper Island Riptide Steering Committee discussions because Stephen Hall is both the Head Coach of the Upper Island Riptide, the Vice President of the Campbell River Youth Soccer Association, and the Processing Director for Marine Harvest Canada’s Senior Management Team. Click on the links below to learn more.

Riptide’s webpage states: “The Riptide is the Upper Vancouver Island ‘North’ regional franchise of the Vancouver Island Premier League (VIPL). The franchise is comprised of 8 teams – a boys and a girls team each in the U14, U15, U16 and U17-18 age divisions. The Riptide franchise is administered by a Steering Committee of representatives from three local soccer Clubs – Comox Valley, Campbell River, and Powell River.”

Steering Committee

As mentioned above, the Upper Island Riptide franchise is run by volunteers. Each local Club from which the franchise draws players sends a representative to sit on the Riptide Steering Committee and make decisions in the best interests of the Riptide players. The Steering Committee is chaired by a member of the Upper Island Soccer Association, the governing authority in the region.

Upper Island Youth Soccer Association
District Chair: Kevin C.

Registrar: Christine C.

Alberni Valley Youth Soccer Association
Campbell River Youth Soccer Association
Comox Valley United Soccer Club
Gabriola Island Youth Soccer
Mid-Isle Youth Soccer Association
Harbour City FC
Oceanside Youth Soccer
Powell River Youth Soccer Association



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