Health Canada: Enteric Protozoa: Giardia and Cryptosporidium

I find drinking water treatment information very confusing. The authorities make vague statements where if you don’t read the entire paragraph you miss the fact they aren’t testing for everything in your water. They spread the information/facts out over several different websites so you might only get half the picture unless you know where to look for the other half. Then there is the technical aspect where you have to be a rocket scientist/investigator to understand what they mean in their statements because they use these weird words/terms. Click on the picture below and let me know if you understand why that graphic is so important. Click here for the source.


Figure 3. Example of a risk assessment for Giardia, under specified conditions

A flow chart outlining the steps in a quantitative microbial risk assessment, including an example calculation under specified conditions, for Giardia in drinking water

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