BC: Metro Vancouver Water Quality

Here is a link or Wayback/pdf that explains more about the water provided to Vancouver residents. Of interest to me is the excerpt below:

Our water is mountain fresh.

Past generations had the will and wisdom to protect our precious water supply from development and public access, which means that it is naturally clean and clear, and needs little treatment.
Our Water originates from rainwater and snow melt from the pristine mountains of the North Shore and Coquitlam area and is protected every step of the way. Water is stored in the Capilano, Seymour and Coquitlam reservoirs, part of five hundred and eight-five square kilometers of mountain watersheds closed to the public.

It’s treated to world class standards

Our fresh, naturally filtered water undergoes secondary filtration and purification at Metro Vancouver’s state of the art water filtration plant, or the Coquitlam treatment plant. Metro Vancouver tests our water over 136,000 times every year. No need to boil, filter, or treat in any way, Our Water is as good as it gets.

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