Allergic Rhinitis

Here is a comprehensive list of symptoms for allergic rhinitis. Click here or on the pdf file to learn more or read an excerpt below. Please help me share this information with others so they don’t get asthma like I did as I got older. Its an excellent website to learn more about allergies and what do to.

Other people with allergic rhinitis are unaware of allergic
symptoms, so consider the possibility of allergic rhinitis
in a patient with any of the following:

• symptoms that suggest continuous or recurrent
upper respiratory tract infections
• frequent sore throats
• hoarse voice
• persistent mouth breathing, especially in children
• snoring
• feeling of pressure over sinuses
• recurrent headaches
• recurrent serous otitis media, especially in children
• coughing, especially in children (e.g. persistent
throat-clearing, or habitual cough soon after lying
down at night)
• halitosis
• poor sleep and daytime fatigue or poor concentration
• persistent respiratory symptoms despite stable, well
controlled asthma, appropriate treatment and good
lung function on spirometry


Ask about:

• symptoms (runny nose, sneezing, blocked nose,
itchy/runny eyes)
• impact on sleep
• onset, duration and pattern of symptoms over
the day or year (Table 1)
• family and personal history of allergic conditions
(e.g. asthma, atopic dermatitis)
• factors that trigger or relieve symptoms
• use of medicines (including non-prescription
and complementary medications) and response
• home, work and leisure environments
• any systemic symptoms (e.g. daytime fatigue).

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