Bounce Dryer Sheets – Wasps & Mosquitos

Bounce does a lot more than remove static cling. My family was out for fish and chips today at a boathouse restaurant. We had a great meal and while we were eating, we noticed

5 thoughts on “Bounce Dryer Sheets – Wasps & Mosquitos

  1. Annale Wanyj

    I have put bounce right beside a wasp nest and they still kept flying in and out.

    Yesterday, I was holding a sheet of bounce in my hand while I was gardening and a mosquito bit that hand.

    So, I don’t believe it works.

    1. Sharon


      I was just wondering if the Bounce dryer sheets that you used for wasps and mosquitos was a new scent or the originally scented Bounce dryer sheet.

      They have so many different scents now, I wonder if some of them actually attract insects.

  2. Sharon

    Hi there 🙂 Thak you for writing back. I wasn’t sure if I would hear back

    because you’re original post was in 2009. I will try the bounce sheets and

    let you know how it goes…I just got rid of a nest, but last summer they

    still came around once in a while even without a nest as far as I know,so it

    would be nice to deter them. It would e nice to not have to get up and run

    into the house when I’m relaxing in the backyard!

    just fyi — I have read about peppermint oil being a good deterrent for

    wasps and for killing them and their nests too. (I would rather deter them

    though…:)and lemon eucalyptus oil and other essential oils make great

    mosquito repellants (lemon oil works for me…I just dot it on my wrists,

    neck top of hairline and rub it in and mosquitos all around me don’t touch

    me! I gues I should put it around my ankles and on my clothes too. It’s

    possible citronella repels wasps too, but I’m not sure about that yet. I’ve

    been reading for hours about repellants and I’ve only read once or twice

    that citronella also deters wasps…but I’m not convinced yet 🙂

    Anyway, thanks again and I will get back to you as soon as I have the



  3. gragor

    Ever wonder if the reporting of these miracle results of Bounce were salted by the manufacturers of said product? Those sheets stink to high heaven and give off unimaginable gases. This post reinforces this idea. Many people are now super-sensitized to these kinds of chemical treatments. Use these products at your own peril.

    Trying to disuade wasps from joining your picnic is a worthwhile endevour but wasp traps made of inverted pop bottles and soft drinks may be a better solution to a local problem then plastering chemical deterents about in your immediate environment. Wasps are benificial insects. They are carnivors and eat many pounds of garden pests every day.


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